Thursday, May 6, 2010

First Post, First Blog

The weather outside is wonderful, the air is crisp and the sun radiant. So you may ask, why am I inside writing a blog on the couch, in two day old boxers? Because of design.

I am student at the prestigious—at least to me—George Brown College. Fascinated with design (and girls despite what some say) since 16, this is my passion: to draw, think, and communicate. And since this summer is slow and our economy is being shipped overseas, I have some free time.

This is where this dude called Mitch comes in. He just graduated from George Brown and is in the odd position of actually having three jobs offered to him (he must have performed favours for someone). But anyways, he's cool in a unorthodox way and were both furthering our talents here by exploring various projects.

Stay tuned!

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